About Us

Mindfulness Matters was founded by Jean Watson, a professional school teacher, and her son Robert Watson, who is a medical doctor. Our vision is to make mindfulness available to all and to help people of every age to understand what mindfulness is, to give them the chance to try it out for themselves and to encourage them to practise mindfulness each day.

Mindfulness Matters believes that it is important to experience mindfulness for yourself as well as  reading about it in a book. We believe it is best taught by a fully trained teacher who has their own daily mindfulness practice.

Our mindfulness trainers have extensive experience and training in teaching mindfulness with a high level of accreditation. They also maintain their own daily mindfulness practice and have experience within the field of the programs that they run.

We aim to help people develop their own personal mindfulness practice for their daily lives and to help them gain mindfulness qualifications for their professional use, if they so wish. Mindfulness Matters takes a wider perspective in that it hopes to help embed mindfulness programmes as part of the training curriculum in educational, sporting and health institutions, throughout the world beginning with the United Kingdom and Australia.

Mindfulness Matters offers :

  • Mindfulness courses –Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Workshops –Curriculum development, localisation of courses for institutions.
  • Seminars including Tasters.
  • Mindfulness Consultant Service.
  • Continuing professional development to schools, universities, sports centres and the workplace.
  • Mindfulness Retreats.

Each of these has been developed for different time periods and formats; so you can choose programmes that best suit your needs. See more here.

Mindfulness Matters  programmes are available in both the UK and Australia currently. For opportunities in other countries please contact us.

We suggest a set of resources that people can use  for further information. Some resources are produced by Mindfulness Matters and can be purchased from us directly. See more here.



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