Types of Programmes


Teachers/Schools /Parents /Sports Coaches/Youth Workers/General Public

– these provide the chance to try mindfulness for yourself and to do an accredited course.

They provide the basis for the development of a personal daily mindfulness practice and, because they lead to accreditation, they may also be used as prerequisites for further professional training.

The courses are graded and can be taken in a time period to suit an individual.

1.     The Introduction course is for beginners and those who would like to refresh their mindfulness practice. It has no prerequisites. It provides a basic understanding of mindfulness with the chance to develop some of the key mindfulness practices that can be used in daily life.

2.     The Intermediate course is for those who have completed the introduction course and would like to refresh and develop their mindfulness practice. The intermediate course does not have to be completed immediately on completion of the introduction course – there is a minimum period of one month between the two so that you have time to develop the skills you learn in the introduction course. It is possible to join an intermediate course at a time that suits you at a later stage.

This provides further understanding of mindfulness with the chance to develop some more of the key mindfulness practices that can be used in daily life, particularly the skills related to coping with difficulties and mindful communication. The completion of the introduction and intermediate course can lead to Professional qualifications which can be used for further mindfulness training courses, such as the programmes offered by the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

3.     The Advanced course stage 1 requires the completion of the introduction course.

4.     The Advanced course stage 2 requires the completion of the intermediate course.

Both of these Advanced courses allow you to extend and develop your own personal practice as well as learn how to apply your mindfulness training and personal practice to your professional situation. There will be longer practices which include sitting, lying down, movement, standing and walking. These courses provide the chance to develop your personal practice with periods of silence and mindful listening.


Teachers/Schools/Sports Coaches/ Youth Workers

– these are very practical and ‘hands on’.

These allow institutions and individuals to include mindfulness in their curriculum development and training programmes and to have the opportunity to localise mindfulness programmes to suit their specific needs, without losing the essential features of any mindfulness programme.


Teachers/Schools /Parents/Sports Coaches/Youth Workers/General Public

– these are an opportunity to learn more about the principles, skills and practices of mindfulness.

Theoretic principles, evidence-based research and the chance to have a go at experiencing a few mindfulness techniques. These are usually Taster sessions but also provide the opportunity to up-date on specialist information on various topics such as new scientific evidence.


Teachers/Schools / Sports Coaches/Youth Workers

– this provides the opportunity for an organisation to discuss and share how mindfulness can be used in their setting.

The consultants have a wide-range of experience of mindfulness in different settings and are in a position to discuss how mindfulness may work or not work in particular situations. It is the chance for an organisation to have specific and personal advice and discussion about mindfulness programmes.


Teachers/Schools / Sports Coaches/Youth Workers

– this allows groups within an organisation to take part in a well structured mindfulness training programme.

Consideration is given to the specific needs of the organisation and programmes are tailor-made for the organisation and the individuals within it.


Teachers/ Parents /Sports Coaches/Youth Workers/General Public

– these provide the opportunity for individuals to refresh  and develop their mindfulness practice in a group setting.

The retreats vary in length and allow for reconnection with a daily mindfulness practice and on-going support for practitioners who wish to develop their practice further. The starter retreats (3 hours) are urban retreats and may be done within the facilities of an organisation. Advanced retreats often have a residential facility. All retreats provide the possibility of continuing development of an individual’s mindfulness practice.



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